3rd ISC, Crookston, Minnesota, USA, 1968

Table of contents

Industry and Production  
Economical Significance of Sunflowers in the USSR
V.M.SUSLOV.....   1 
Sunflower Production and Utilization Trends in Canada
Peter BERGEN.....     12
Sunflower Production and Utilization Trends (Southern USA)
Dalton E. GANDY .....     15
Sunflower Production and Utilization Trends (Australia)
A.J. LEMON ..... 18
A Glance at the Sunflower Culture and Improvement Activities in Turkey
Recai TASAN ..... 22
Sunflower Production and Utilization Trends (Northern United States)
Ralph HAYENGA ..... 25 
Soviet Sunflowers and the World Vegetable Oil Market
David SCHOONOVER .....     29
Trends in Birdseed and Confectionery Trade
Ralph W. TAYLOR .....     34
A Review of the Nutritional Value of Sunflower Meal
Keith J. SMITH, Dalton E. GANDY .....     37
Cultural Practice in the Red River Valley
Donald OGAARD .....     38 

Cytoplasmic Male-Sterility in Sunflowers
P. LECLERCQ .....     40 
Current Work on Sunflower Breeding at VNIIMK (USRR)
Mrs. G.V. PUSTOVOIT .....     46 
Scope of Sunflower Research - Cargill, Incorporate
Freeman K. JOHNSON .....     53 
Mechanization of Field Plots Research
Freeman K. JOHNSON .....     57
Sunflower Breeding in Chile
Vital VALDIVIA B.    .....     61
Physiology of Accumulation of Fats and Proteins in High Oil Sunlower Varieties
A.Y. PANCHENKO, A.B. DYAKOV.....     65
Occurrence of Resistance to Verticillium Wilt in Wild Helianthus
J.A. HOES, Henry ENNS .....     75
Status of Sunflower Seed Certification in the United States
Harley J. OTTO .....     77
Breeding and Research Work on Oil Sunflower in Poland
Zbigniew KLOCZOWSKI .....     79 

Pathology and Entomology 
Relative Virulence and Selective Pathogenesis among Isolates of Verticillium from Sunflower and Other Hosts in relation to Sunflower Wilt
R.G. ORELLANA.....     81 
Symptoms of Sunflower Mosaic Disease
R.G. ORELLANA.....        86
Growth Substances in Symptom Development in Downy Mildew of Sunflowers
Sunflower Insect Research – Progress Report
J.T. SCHULZ .....     92 
Sunflower Seed Storage – A Progress Report
C.M. CHRISTENSEN.....     94 

Miscellaneous, Culture ...

Relative Importance of Stems and Roots and the Chemical Composition of Sunflower
R.G. ROBINSON .....     97 
Flavor and Oxidative Stability of Sunflower Oil
C.D.EVANS, Roy SHAW.............. 101
Plant Populations for Oilseed Sunflowers
Henry ENNS .....     119 
Weed Control in Sunflowers in North Dakota
John D. NALEWAJA, Clarence M. SWALLERS .....       122
Current Agriculture Research in Sunflowers at the Northwest Experiment Station, Crookston
James R.LOFGREN.....     125
Fertilizer Trials on Sunflowers, Northwest Experiment Station, Crookston
Olaf C. SOINE.....     127 
Sunflower Research in Georgia
Robert E. BURNS.....     129 
Status of Sunflower Research in the USA
Murray L. KINMAN.....     131 
A Sunflower Association ???

R.F. GUNKELMAN .....     138