2nd ISC, Manitoba, Canada, 1966

Table of contents

Greetings from Academician V. Pustovoit 

Production and Marketing
Sunflower production, marketing and outlook in Chile
M. Orellana, B, Rapaport, Chile
Sunflower production and breeding in the USSR
A. Y. Panchenko, Russia
Marketing sunflower nutmeats
ichard D. Tretsven, USA
Sunflower production, marketing and outlook for United States
R, F. Gunkelman, R. F, Gunkelman, N. D. Paul Klinger, Oakes, M. D., M. Stolquist. USA
Sunflower production, marketing and outlook for Canada
P. Bergen, Canada
Sunflower production in Saskatchewan & Alberta
R. F. Kern, J, Gordon Ross Syndicate, Moose Jaw, Canada

Sunflower diseases
W. E. Sackston, M. A. Jabbar Miah,. C.-Y. Liang, P. N. Sood, Canada
Downey mildew
W. E, Sackston, P. G. Goossen, Canada
Charcoal rot
W, E. Sackston, S. B. Mathur, Y.-H. Chan, Canada
Breeding for resistance to rust and Verticillium
J, A. Hoes, E, D, Putt, Canada
The Effect of soil temperature on development of Verticillium wilt of sunflowers
R.G. Orellana, C.A., USA

Sunflower Breeding in the United States
F.K. Johnson, USA
More important trends and achievements in oil-yielding sunflower breeding in Poland
Z. Kloczowski, Poland
Tentative resistance to the larvae f Homoeosoma electellum in Helianthus
M, L Kinman, USA
Sources and preliminary results on inheritance of male sterility in sunflowers
M. L. Kinman, USA, E. D. Putt, Canada
Low temperature storage of sunflower pollen
S. H. Pawlowski, Canada
Distant (interspecific) hybridization in sunflowers
G. Pustovoit, Russia
A revised classification of Helianthus
C. B. Heiser, USA
Fatty acid composition of sunflower oil from different varieties
E. D. Putt, Canada
Sunflower oil - The view in lipids research
B.M. Craig, Canada
Sunflower development at latitudes ranging from 31 to 49 degrees
R- G. Robinson, USA
Wide-row sunflower production
S.H. Pawlowski, A.D. Smith, Canada
Plans for the Third International Sunflower Conference