The Board

The International Sunflower Association is administered by a Board of Directors chosen for a period of four years by the General Assembly.
The present Board was renewed in Edirne, Turkey, in June 2016.

Presently (2016-2020), the Board is made up of : 

  • Dr Vladimir MIKLIC, Serbia (President & representative of ISA Sponsors)
    Etienne PILORGE, France (Secretary-Treasurer)

    Carlos FEOLI, Argentina
    Dr Valentina ENCHEVA, Bulgaria
    Dr Nicolas LANGLADE, France
    Dr Laszlo HARGITAY, Hungary
    Dr Gian Paolo VANNOZZI, Italy
    Dr Maria DUCA, Moldova
    Dr Maria JOITA-PACUREANU, Romania
    Dr Yakov DEMURIN, Russia
    Dr Stefan MASIREVIC, Serbia
    Louis SCHOONRAAD, South Africa
    Dr Leonardo VELASCO, Spain
    Dr Yalcin KAYA,, Turkey, past President
    Dr Brent HULKE, USA