Who are we ?


I S A is an international association made up of individual people or legal bodies interested in promoting research and developing sunflower production. The aim of the Association is to improve international cooperation on the agronomic, breeding,  technical and nutritional levels, and to ensure close links between research and workers.

The Association will have no political activity.

To fulfil its aims, I S A :
-  assumes responsibility for choosing the dates and locations of the International Sunflower Conferences every four years and plays an active part in their organizations ;
- contributes to the coordination of Sunflower Symposia between two conferences ; different aspects will  be studied in the framework of these workshops : biology, varietal improvement, chemical control, diseases, etc...
- takes part in designing leading sunflower specialist(-s) to receive the Pustovoit Award
- and is in  charge of publications related to Sunflower (Symposia collection, etc…)


The Association is made up of natural and legal persons specialized in sunflower :
a) Sponsors,
b) Active Members, and
c) Honorary Members.

Are called sponsors  or beneficient members  the  legal bodies   (companies, firms, universities etc.)  paying an annual subscription (which will involve special advantages for their employees). In 2016, the entrance fee is 900 euros and the annual participation 600 euros (for ten employees).

Are called active members the natural persons joining the Association (individuals, or group memberships).
In 2017, the annual membership as Active Member (individual) amounts
to 70 euros and there is no entrance-fee.  

Are called Honorary Members those who distinguished themselves by their services to the Association, and all Members who received the Pustovoit Award.
They will pay no memberships to ISA.

The Association is administered by a Board of Directors  chosen for a period of four years by the General Assembly.

Presently (2016-2020), the Board is made up of :
Dr Vladimir MIKLIC, Serbia (President & representative of ISA Sponsors)
Etienne PILORGE, France (Secretary-Treasurer)

Carlos FEOLI, Argentina
Dr Valentina ENCHEVA, Bulgaria
Dr Nicolas LANGLADE, France
Dr Laszlo HARGITAY, Hungary
Dr Sujatha MULPURI, India
Dr Gian Paolo VANNOZZI, Italy
Dr Maria DUCA, Moldova
Dr Yakov DEMURIN, Russia
Dr Stefan MASIREVIC, Serbia
Louis SCHOONRAAD, South Africa
Dr Leonardo VELASCO, Spain
Dr Yalcin KAYA, Turkey, 

Why should you join the International Sunflower Association ?

* to share your points of view with colleagues from all over the world,
* to be informed of the latest news about sunflower,
*  to enjoy special advantages and attend our International Sunflower Conferences and Sunflower Symposia.

For all information, please contact  L. Devedeux at :  l.devedeux@remove-this.terresinovia.fr