NEWSLETTER 4, June 2019

Almost one year ago, in July 2018, the ISA executive board decided to launch this newsletter, to contribute to develop the communication among the sunflower community in the world.

One-year experience shows that the sunflower research agenda is quite rich, even if we detect only the tip of the iceberg. Sharing information to get a global vision of what happens in sunflower is a must for the International Sunflower Association to fulfil its mission “to develop research and development of sunflower and to improve international cooperation on the agronomic, technical and nutritional levels”. This newsletter is yours, and we encourage everyone to share information on its works, ongoing activities and desirable collaborations.

In this issue, you will find some news from the Executive Board meeting and the progress of the organization of the next conference in Novi Sad, initiatives concerning the complex and critical issue of birds’ damage in sunflower crops, and about the sunflower crops and research in major producing country, Ukraine.
We encourage you to join ISA and take an active part in its activities.

Etienne Pilorgé

ISA General Secretary-Treasurer