NEWSLETTER 3, March 2019

This third issue of the ISA Newsletter puts a light on confection sunflower, and more precisely confection sunflower in China, taking the occasion of the Confection Sunflower Technology and Production symposium held in Wu Yuan, Inner Mongolia.

Sunflower is one of the important oil crop in China, its planting areas is around 0.8-1.0 million hectares annually. Inner Mongolia is the biggest sunflower planting region in China, especially for confectionary sunflower, the planting areas is around 0.43 million hectares, followed by Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Gansu ects.

Inner Mongolia is located in the north border of China, neighbor with Russia and Mongolia. The altitude of this region is around 1100-1300 meters and the total area is 18.3 million hectares. Mongolia minority is the main residence and the total population is 28.7 million. Beside sunflower, potato, maize and oats are also the main crops in this region.
Bayannur is located in the western part of the Inner Mongolia Region, with a total area of 65 thousand square kilometers and a population size of 1.7 million. Wuyuan, as one of towns of Bayannoer, has become the largest sunflower planting base and distribution center in the western part of the country. More than 70% of the sunflower in the country is bred and distributed from here, which makes here the hub for distributing sunflower seeds and also the vane of the sunflower seeds price in China. Besides these, this small town hosted 120 roasted seeds and nut processing enterprises such as Sanrui, Xinlian, Sanpangdan and other leading enterprises, which produce a series of high-quality sunflower seed products that have entered the high-end market. The Sunflower industry plays an important role in building Hetao high-tech green organic agricultural and sunflower processing export base in Bayannoer.
Now, China invested plenty of efforts on sunflower research, breeding and also processing. The best example is the China Sunflower Research System (CSRS). It is set up in 2008 and gathered researchers who are experts on sunflower breeding, pest control, cultivation, fertilization and also mechanization into one big research team, and invested energies on the bottle neck factors which limited the development of sunflower industry in China. Meanwhile, 10 sunflower stations also established and distributed in the sunflower planting regions. These stations undertake the tasks to demonstrate the sunflower new varieties, new technologies which invested by above researchers to the local farmers. This research system plays a vital role on convoying the development of sunflower industry in China now.
Sanrui is a large sunflower confectionary seed company in China and stands in the leading position in Chinese sunflower network. It owned Sunflower Research College, breeding base, powerful selling network and also big processing factory. The confectionary varieties Sanrui 363 and Sanrui361 has become the most popular new sunflower varieties on the seed market now. The Sanrui company is officially candidate to organize the ISC in 2024 in Bayannoer, and, doing so, ready to help in building up a bridge for Chinese and foreign researchers on multi- dimensional collaborations on Sunflower.

Prof. Dr. Jun Zhao
National Pest Control Center of Sunflower Agronomy Department
Inner Mongolia Agri. Univ.
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China