• NEWSLETTER 4, June 2019

    Almost one year ago, in July 2018, the ISA executive board decided to launch this newsletter, to contribute to develop the communication among the sunflower community in the world.

  • NEWSLETTER 3, March 2019

    This third issue of the ISA Newsletter puts a light on confection sunflower, and more precisely confection sunflower in China, taking the occasion of the Confection Sunflower Technology and Production symposium held in Wu Yuan, Inner Mongolia.

  • NEWSLETTER 2, December 2018

    The parasitic plant Orobanche cumana Wallr. is the most important biotic constraint to the production of sunflower crop, in all countries where sunflower is grown, except North and South America. The parasitism of O. cumana on sunflower dates back to the first half of 19th century in Russia, expanding to Moldova and Romania by the beginning of 20th century and later in others like Turkey, Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Currently, O.cumana is present in all countries in Southern Europe...