International Symposium on Confection Sunflower Technology and Production, In Wu Yuan, Inner Mongolia, CHINA, August 8-12, 2018

The International Symposium on Confection Sunflower Technology and Production is organized by the Chinese Sunflower Network and the City of Bayannaoer, in conjunction with the International Sunflower Association (ISA). The Symposium will be held at Wu Yuan County, Inner Mongolia, China, for August 8-10 and followed with a Beijing visit for August 11-12.

This Symposium was initiated to enhance the confection sunflower improvement by bringing together expert researchers from around the world working on oilseed and confection sunflower and other crops through presentations and discussions.


The Symposium is open to ISA members and the international sunflower community, and there is no registration fee.

The Symposium topics will cover traditional and molecular breeding, resistance to diseases and pests, sunflower cultivation, marketing, transformation, and double haploid technology.


Provisional program:

August 7 – Registration

August 8 – Presentation and Discussion

August 9 – Field trip and Mongolian style barbecue

August 10 – Sightseeing and banquet hosted by the Mayor of Bayannaoer

August 11-12 – Beijing visiting.



Chao-Chien Jan (for the Organizing Committee)

Sanrui Agritec Co. Ltd.

Wu Yuan, Bayannaoer

Inner Mongolia, China


Cell: +86 185 4780 1268

Office: +86 0478 558 6621